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Kitty Lectro - Mew Wave 7

Side A:
Nine Circles - New Era.
Antidolby - Vacío.
Human Puppets - Geometric Mind.
Fruity Goose - Frozen.
Handsome Panther - Cloud.
Autumus - Extracted Addresses.
Newclear Waves - God Of War.
Lower Synth Department - A sign / I no.

Side B:
I†† - The Vibratory Formula Of Bast.
Dream Affair - Endless Days (Hoax Mix).
PowwowW - Niebla.
Moon Mirror - Fäkε DÅnÇε.
Kult Of Red Pyramid - The Fog.
High Marks - Great Silences.
OS OVNI - In The Night.
Madame B - Let's Wake Up The Deads.
ijĒŞǙŞ ҚĦŖiŞŢ - W3r31n4fr33z3.
Protea - Mau Bast.


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